The Parish of St Matthew's Willesden, London NW10
Welcome to the St Matthew's Willesden Website.  St Matthew's is in the diocese of London, in the Church of England. 


We continue our schedule of live streaming and opening the church for private prayer until the 2nd December, when we revert back to our usual pattern. So until the 2nd we are open;
Tuesday 9am - 11am for Private prayer, Holy Communion at 10am.
Friday 9am - 11am for Private prayer, Holy Communion at 10am.
Sunday 9.30am - 12 Noon, Holy Communion at 11am.
As well as the usual livestreaming, see link below.
Please note that 'Holy Communion' does not mean a service, but the opportunity to receive from the tabernacle if you feel so moved after your prayer.

FROM THE 2nd DECEMBER - we revert back to our usual advertised pattern. Christmas services will be advertised soon. God bless you!

There will be measures in place to minimise the spread of the Virus, which are advertised in Church.  You can continue to follow our live streamed worship on Facebook where we will broadcast the daily Mass live and a Sunday Sermon. The link is below;

We are a lively, busy church with a confident, exuberant faith. We are thoroughly evangelical in our outreach and preaching and thoroughly catholic in our sacramental practice. Orthodox in our faith, we offer our thanks to God when we succeed and when we fail. We are a happy, praising community. Come and join us!   The main Sunday Mass is at 11 am and there is a Sunday School.

We are fully accessible, including toilets, we have a baby change facility, soft play area, Youth ministry and we are welcoming to everyone, regardless of anything.

We offer a warm welcome to every person, traditional ceremonial, challenging preaching and a commitment to growth together in the body of Christ.

We take safeguarding very seriously, please see the link on the left hand side of this page where there is all the contact information you need. We want you to be safe in this church and we want you to be assured that we will support you in every way possible.

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